Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby News!

All is going well with Baby number 3!!  5 more weeks and we find out the sex and I think I can not wait!!! Please let it be a girl!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leuga Talk!

OK so the last time I updated this was in 2008 lol. So pay attention cause loads is different! Here we go...... OK so Tuli turns 3 on the 19th of this month! I can not get that boy potty trained! Tuli is always on the go as well as he never stops talking and some of the things that come out of his mouth gets Tana and me rolling!! He is smart as a tack and I can not wait till he goes to preschool.
Next is Baby Tana he will be 2 in Feb. He is also on the move following his big brother everywhere. He is alot quieter and really does not say much ( Tuli does all the talking for him) and his fav thing to do is five hugs and cuddle which mommie Loves! Now it is time for him to big the big brother because we are expecting another child in May!
That leads me to Tana and I. I am still at home with the kids doing some babysitting here and there. I love staying home and raising my boiz, I just pray that the next is a little girl! Everything is ok so far with the pregnancy and I will keep you posted.
Tana is working for a company called K&K still doing framing. It has been really slow all year and we are very thankful to the church and family members who have helped us out throughout this time. He is working hard right now even in the snow and we hope it keeps up through the Holidays.
I am very Thankful for my little family and love them very much, I happy to be were I am at in life and look forward to what is to come. I hope the times get better in 2011 but I am excited to see what a 3yr old will bring and a 3 child. Thanks to everyone who reads this and stays in contact!
Love u all!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Update!

Ok so I have not been keeping up with this and I am not sure how to even work everything on this thing! Here is an update for our little family! Tana is working for a company here in Utah but works out of town a lot and sometimes is gone all week and home on the weekends. Tuli is now 8 months and doing great I hope to get him walking really soon he is almost there. I know you are all saying no you do not want him to walk so fast enjoy him as he is, well I would but the thing is we just found out that we have another bun in the oven!!!! I so far am doing better this time then last so I hope that means it is a girl lol but we will see! I am just staying home with Tuli and I love being a stay at home mom but sometimes I miss the career life.

Well that is all for us for now, I am not even sure how to tell anyone I have this thing up and running lol. Hope everyone in the family is doing well!!

We love you all!

Tana, Tami, Tuli, Kya (dog) and bun in the oven

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Time

Ok so I started the blog thing too so we will see you uses it! So now for an update.

Well I am doing good loving being a stay at home mommy!! Trying to get into shape so that I can get pregnant later this year!

Tana is still working framing but it is really slow right now so at the moment he is in Vegas working a trade show that pays pretty good but he has to be away from me and baby for 20 days :(

Baby Tuli is doing great and getting soooo big! As soon as I figure out how to do a slide show I will put some pictures on here! He loves to talk and eat a lot and his smile lights up a room. I am having so much fun now I want to have a girl!!

Well that is all for now we will see how this goes!

Tami Leuga

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010
My little devils lol

camping 2010

camping 2010


Singing round the campfire